About Rich Pilling Photography

Rich Pilling is veteran sports photographer who's career has spanned five decades.  He has photographed every professional and college team sport, including Super Bowls, Final Fours, College World Series, Stanley Cups, NBA Finals and MLB World Series.  Additionally, he has photographed many individual sports, including U.S. Open Golf Championships, The Masters and U.S. Open Tennis Championships. 

Pilling's career began in 1974.  Among others, his clients have included Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News and Donruss Trading Cards. Pilling was the Official team photographer for the New Jersey Devils from 1982 - 1986.  In 1986 he was recruited by The Sporting News to create their very first photography department.  He served as the Chief Photographer and Photo Editor for The Sporting News from 1986 through 1993. He has photographed over 300 Sporting News covers.

In 1994 Major League Baseball brought Pilling on board to establish their photography department.  Rich served as their Official Photographer and Director of Photography for 18 years.  Pilling photographed numerous regular season games, as well as MLB's Jewel Events, including The All-Star Game, World Baseball Classic and World Series.  Rich retired from MLB in January 2012.  He lives in New Jersey with Dale, his wife of 40 years.